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Stainless-steel distribution tanks offer reassurance.

Characteristics of Morimatsu stainless water supply tanks
  In the past, PC, RC, and other types of concrete construction were commonly used for water supply tanks, but these materials had drawbacks in terms of durability and maintenance. Stainless steel then appeared on the scene, offering superior strength, durability, sanitariness and watertightness. Stainless steel water supply tanks are quickly constructed, and are easy to inspect once installed, thereby reducing maintenance costs. A wide choice of types is available from Morimatsu to best suit the physical conditions at the site. Expandability is another feature that allows for flexible responses to needs that change over the long term, and the recyclability of steel is gaining attention from environmental perspective.

Water Supply Tanks

Product Introduction  
  We will propose the most appropriate type for the particular water supply requirements of the region and physical site characteristics.

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mopit-X mopit-SE Stainless Lining at Site
Stainless Lining at Site